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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Maxwell Insurance of Mississippi offers different kinds of homeowner insurance packages for different situations. Because home insurance can vary so much based on important factors in your location and what your property is like, it’s important to evaluate your unique needs to find the right home policy for you – and we can help! Here’s what you should know about homeowners insurance:

Basic Coverage Focuses on Damage and Liability

While individual policies and limits can vary, most homeowners’ insurance includes two things: Coverage for property damage and liability coverage. Property damage coverage will help pay for damage caused by sudden events, like fires or thefts. Liability coverage protects you against lawsuits from injuries caused on your property as a result of negligence or other issues. Other types of coverage may be added on – for example, extended medical payment coverage is common, and coverage for additional belongings or other structures on your property may also be included.

If you live in a flood zone (your insurance agent can help you figure this out), you may want or be required to have flood insurance as an additional home policy separate from other types of coverage.

There Are Limitations to Coverage

A homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover everything that happens to your home. For example, damage caused by wear and tear over time can’t be covered by home insurance, and this usually applies to problems that wouldn’t have existed with newer materials – like a massive leak you just discovered. Other specific events, like the flood insurance we mentioned, also won’t be covered by a typical policy, which is why crafting the right policy for your situation is so important.

Some Coverage May Be Required

Home insurance isn’t always required. If you owe a mortgage on your home, the chances are high that the lender does require home insurance as part of the loan, either purchased on your own or through the lender. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a home.

To learn more about what Mississippi home insurance is right for you, contact Maxwell Insurance Group, Inc. today! We also offer rental policies for renters who want to protect important belongings.

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